Greg Dread, writer,producer,drummer,dj.Founder member of dreadzone.
Member of Big Audio Dynamite.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. hey fella all good and looking forward to your visit to brighton on sat and hey to be honest its too far and few between.quick q for you any chance of a shout out at the gig to my wicked lovely x lady jemma who intro’d me to your sound and who is an incredible fan and shining light to me and all who surround her.

    this would be the most amazing gesture and one that i’d honour big time.we have been apart for a couple months but have had dem tickets for a while and if we end up there together to enjoy your gig it’d blow her away to hear a message from me through you.
    love light and unity.

    just tell her that i love her eternally.

    big respect and hope to be in front to catch your eye.

    eye on the horizon. cheers Graham

  2. Hi Greg. Would you be interested in doing an interview for Rocksucker.co.uk ? We would very much like to discuss the rerelease of Second Light, and everything else you’re up to at the moment. Let me know! All the very best, Jonny – jonnyabrams@hotmail.com

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