Dread Times

A little while since my last update so I thought its about time to put down some words about these here Dread times. Its been quite a year so far with the release and response to our 8th studio album. It came out on the 17th Feb and performed rather well on the first week thanks to some great pre orders and reaction to the music on radio, press and on stage.   Incredibly it did so well that it propelled us into the UK top 40 album chart for the first time in 22 years , last time we did that was with Second Light. Lots of things have helped toward that, as i mentioned pre orders , vinyl sales , some in store promotions and a big helping of Facebook live which is a recent discovery for us and myself. It was something I have just fallen into and maintained a natural approach to, playing some music and chatting with the comments providing a nice thread to interact with . This has given birth to hopefully a regular weekly live feed with music on a Thursday with other ones now and then with guests and more stuff.

All this activity and response has helped to increase live attendances as well and the shows have been really great so far this year … so i just wanted put something down in here to thank everyone for their continued support and love for the music . A lot of people have taken to this album saying it is one of our best . I think one thing I have realised is that it seems to bring many elements of our different albums together on one cohesive whole. That’s why its appeal has been quite wide-ranging, some like us for our Second Light period ,others more for Sound or Once upon a time. Dread Times covers a lot of areas and adds a fresh approach partly due to new blood within the set up . We made a lyric video for the first single Mountain which is what kicked it all off. Another single with some other mixes is due soon so watch this space or the Dreadzone Facebook for the live feed and info /chat

Greg x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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