Taking it back part 2-the good the bad and the dread

Originally called The man with no head..?!  this could well be the second dz track created. It started life after I sampled a part of my brother Steve’s acoustic guitar from a Screaming Target song and slowed it down to create the foundation . At the time around early 92 I had my drum kit set up in Paul Simonons basement.. his wife Trish had suggested me and Paul try and work on some music together but nothing came of it.. I had created this as one idea for us to play around with. I had always loved Ennio Morricone and the spaghetti western theme was in my blood through way of BAD so sampling something from that genre was bound to happen. The track grew into one of the highlights of the first album but this was the first basic recording of the idea made at home.

For those who like to know about tech stuff the main writing tool in those days was the Akai Linn MPC 60 , a sampling sequencer drum machine,  a beast of a machine which i still have and am in the process of repairing. Most of the first Dreadzone album was written on this along with an Akai S1000 , Roland Juno 106 and SH101. After we signed a deal and started making the album I bought an MKS80 Super Jupiter and Tim bought an Oberheim Matrix both from a friend called John Wadell who owned the studio we made it in in Queens Park.Some parts on Atari were added but the MPC60 ran the show.



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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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