Taking it way back – first Dread demos

As we countdown to our 8th studio album i wanted to dig out some stuff thats not seen the light of day and gives an idea of what things were going on at the inception of Dreadzone. Lets take it right back to the start . The very first tune House of Dread was born within probably the last Screaming Target session in early 92. We had written a bunch of songs to try and get a deal and nothing was happening with them .We decided to try something stripped down and danceable without any vocals , the bass line came from Leo, i did some beats and Don Letts gave me some samples on a couple of precious dat tapes full of dub breaks. Some will recognise a couple of elements that went on to be part of Zion Youth. This track then became part of new stuff I was working on at home so somehow merged into the next project that was forming after spending time with Tim Bran ..

Some background.. After BAD Screaming Target had given us a transition where we were supported by Island Records. After the first album failed to take off we were set free and that meant hard times. I had just become a father in 1989 and now found myself in 1991 in a position where I had to sign on. Plenty of time was spent at home writing new stuff wondering where the next move would take us..


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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