Another year ..

Another day of travel from hotel room to venue with the sun shining and the glow from last nights show merging with some green and pleasant music on the head phones. There is no finer feeling to get the day moving.. Another year has come around and although at times it may feel like repetition the ever changing energy of crowds and our performance keep it fresh, never like a job, more of a mission to spread the dread rhythms throughout the land on a never ending road.
This year has seen a steady flow of fine shows, no releases but lots of writing, mixing and best of all some love inspiration.. meaning moments like Glastonbury can be shared with someone special. A lot of great festivals kept the summer feeling high and now this fantastic autumn/winter tour connecting with all the dread massive, playing to so many different people of all ages and tribes, joining the dots from field to floor with new friendships being made overnight.
This tour saw the return of Loki, our original dread crew and family member who took a break for a while, and the arrival of a new man on the merch Tom fitting in perfectly. The team feels complete now and ready for the next round. As we move into the final week we are reminded of previous years, stages in our ever changing story that remain as exciting as ever , endless escapades leading to a vibrant life of music and friends, resonating and supplying the energy to keep making the soundtrack to our adventures.
We have some great things lined up for the start of next year- a second single release from Escapades ‘Fire in the dark’- there is already a mighty Teddy Killerz mix which is blowing up on UKF with 100k hits in 2 weeks..

More info on other mixes to come in the new year with a release date scheduled for the end of January.
Following that is a re-issue release of our 2001 album Sound especially remastered with bonus tracks which will be available on vinyl cd and digital. We have been dropping some tunes from this album in the set and plan to put some more in as we refresh the live show once again which starts again at the end of Feb.
The Dreadzone Soundsystem shows take over as usual in the first part of the year with shows in Prague, London and the South West, some with Earl 16 joining us. We have a new page for the Dreadzone Soundsystem with details of all the shows which start with a pre christmas party on the 23rd December in Malvern and then a double header on New years eve in Plymouth and Bristol which will needs some dread driving skills as well here
So another year comes to a close with many happy memories..big ups to all the usual suspects -Spee, Leo, Earl, Bazil, Chris, Loki, Simon, Thom, Jack and Rob , special thanks to Sarah xx … and myself . I would like to extend love and best wishes to everyone this christmas and a happy New Year.
see you in 2015 x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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