Glastonbury 2014

After such a great weekend it feels right to put something down here about Glastonbury 2014 from my perspective in our 20th anniversary of playing there, a little roundup to capture a special time.
With an early show on Friday I could make the most of my visit and take in as much as possible, with the added touch this year of a caravan and in the company of my girlfriend Sarah whose first time it was at Worthy Farm. A Thursday start saw us driving down with Don Letts and our ladies in the Jag for a warm up show in Bath with Don supporting, then an early start for a short drive to the site. A grey Friday morning with relentless rain threatened as we left the hotel but the arrival during a midday Blondie set saw the sun come out and after a baggage drop and caravan located it was time to make it our home for a bit. Our show was in the Glade at 5pm, a place we have played before with memorable results. It truly felt like a special show with the sun descending and the people giving so much love for the music.The rain hit halfway through, swelling the crowd even more under the waves of white covering. The sudden storm apparently brought a halt to all the main stages but we powered on oblivious as if charged by some Glastonbury spirit.
With the main show out of the way and most of the band heading home I was free until a DJ set on Sunday to put on my DMs, get loaded and show Sarah around. There followed 3 days of walking, drinking, smoking, friends , music, mud and more with some Glastonbury highlights – Stanton Warriors dropping a massive set in the Glade, the Blues Stage in the dance area with its shanty town decor and Jinx in dub, MIA representing the real alternative culture clash on the West Holts , Don Letts in the Glade lounge, Aracdias incredible landing show with fire breathing metal monster..Lana del Reys summertime sadness drifting through our happiness from the Pyramid Stage , Jon Hopkins blissful melodic electronics.
Time and movement put a strain on what what was possible to see but we chose our moments wisely, like when to take advantage of the backstage catering at the hub of the production area . With the caravan layout it was interesting to note Howard Marks , Don Letts and Stanton Warriors were our closest neighbours.The Glastonbury app was an updated helpful alternative to the old booklet round the neck but things were clearly signposted and late on Saturday all roads lead to Shangri La and surrounding areas. Even if you were not in an altered state the entertainment was a fantastic array of sensations around every corner. Block 9, a futuristic estate pumping out acid house, Addictive TVs mind blowing cut up of visuals and heavy sci fi beats on the Hell stage , salsa at Glasto Latino.. The whole area after hours is an endless cacophony of sideshow sound systems, crazy characters and costumed ravers.. the churned up ground added a bizarre step to the proceedings , tired body meets mashed mind so cocktails and Strummerville camp with a seat in front of the fire was a special moment before heading off into the early morning with those old skool sensations we all know , caressing the dawn in.
Sunday was about the stone circle and green fields and a wander around the rest of the immense site. we caught some of Bonobo and i did a DJ set after Don in the spaceport which was cool. We aimed to leave before the end to avoid monday mayhem and be back for runnings . Whatever anyone says about Glastonbury it is unique place where all the many tribes and layers of society gather for music and all forms of culture . It was special this year not only because it is 20 years since we first came but because I had a beautiful person to spend it with and make it a time to remember. Sarah is a top photographer and to have her pictures here with these words is a great way to remember it by.
Still the best festival in the world , until next time ..x

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