30 years ago..

In April 1984 after many different bands , sessions and travel I put an advert in the back of the Melody Maker music weekly the same week another ad for a drummer caught my eye.. so off I went to a big warehouse converted into a sprawling personal rehearsal space in the heart of west London where the image of Mick Jones in a crombie sitting at a piano is a memory firmly etched in my mind. I had been to quite a few auditions , I treated them as confidence boosting exercises, a way of networking and improving any chances of that elusive break, along with years of playing with reggae, funk and soul bands. I turned up and did whatever it was that was required to be asked back again, it mainly entailed jamming around with Mick and Leo and, if i remember rightly, a keyboard player. Don was not yet a member at that time and most of the audition would have been finding the groove with Leo and showing my different variations. Then I was asked back for a third time after thinking I had failed to get the job. Mick couldn’t make up his mind between me and another drummer and took me on as percussionist while we jammed and hung out for a few weeks. he then sacked the other guy (unfortunately i dont remember his name ) in front of me ,which really put me on my toes.. but the moment I had the drummers seat I knew i was there , Mick wanted me in his gang and life would never be the same again..

April 7th 1984 Issue of Melody maker
Believe it or not I kept the original advert..April 7th 1984 Issue of Melody maker. The other red mark is my own advert the same week.


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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