Another new year rolls in and we are off and running after the hibernation that is January recedes..I do value that first month in some ways, its the one time where there are no live shows, usually a few dj shows, accounts need doing, rest needs to be taken care of… sleep, that wonderful redeemer of energy. new music to be written ,remixes on the go and new projects started plus all manner of things to catch up on. It used to mean a fresh urgent start and all kinds of cunning plans hatched but now I just take it easy and make the most of a gig free diary with some creative relaxation and some quality time with a special friend… its a time to remind yourself the value of following your dreams.. some proper rest and recharge, before starting this week with a couple shows that kick the year off in an escapades style, London Jazz Cafe and Amsterdam Melkweg .
The years start has not been without mishap as another Mac crashed and died, 2 years after the last one. luckily a lot of stuff saved and reachable through target disk mode but it put a halt to some creative flow with a big transfer and rebuild with main duties for my back up Mac , the restored one from 2 years ago…! anyway Apple for life, thats how it goes, not going to change now am i.. Still it gave me chance to refresh with some new software- been having some fun with Traktor and a Nunmark 4trak mixing console, executing some little mixes and getting some vinyl sorted and recorded. Look out for some new special mixes coming this way.with plenty of gigs lined up and some interesting new things in the pipeline looks like another exciting year … Greg x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

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