Escapades release and tour..

As you might already know we released our 7th studio album in September. It’s an understatement to say I’m blown away by the fantastic response, I didn’t imagine it would be so widely well received. I am yet to really hear a negative response to this record. It seems like the only negative is when some people feel we should make more tunes in a particular style of a certain period of the band. We consciously steered clear of certain methods, samples and vocal styles, with the emphasis on coming with something new and challenging, but with a familiar progression. The key was the involvement of the main players from our 20 year history and a genuine emotion runs through the songwriting , which has taken on a maturity due to subjects close to the heart.. 
What makes it more complete and rewarding is to take it on the road with the Escapades tour. That kicked off in September at the Scala in London with an amazing show for an album launch. Some of the responses at the shows have been totally off the scale, its hard to choose the best out of them but we will try as we always like to highlight the outstanding ones. The new tunes are fitting in just great in the set and we are looking to add more as we continue into next year.
In other news we have completed another great collaboration with our movie making friends Scratch pictures. Not only did they make us look super cool in our Too Late video which featured Mick Jones

and then deliver us an excellent trailer for the new album-

the latest work is a comprehensive look at our 20 year history with interviews footage and music..

So pleased with the way it all came together,the interviews, editing and all the elements.. especially the ending which captured natural moments of humour, a fitting conclusion that defines what we are all about, laughing, loving the work we do and the music we play. Lots of love and respect to our new friends Seymour Milton and David Foulkes from the amazing Scratch Pictures
Some more key dates to go and then a break for Xmas and New year and then we will resume Escapades in February with more UK touring and trips to Paris and Amsterdam. If anyone is about in Edinburgh on New years then we are there with the Dreadzone Soundsystem feat myself Earl 16 and Spee for some dub wise hogmanay dancing.
thanks for reading this far..
Greg x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

3 thoughts on “Escapades release and tour..”

  1. Found that fascinating to read and to watch. I’ve been a fan since discovering you guys back in ’94. Seen you guys live too many times to remember and your music has been a huge part of my life. Looking forward to the next 20 years of Dreadzone. Much love and respect, Phil.

  2. I suppose, being phylosophical for a moment, that if it wasn’t a great album would fans or the general public be honest enough to say so? Its much harder to say ‘It’s ok, could have been better’. In this instance I think people and myself are being true when they say what a truly inspirational album Escapades is. It has touched me and gradually seeped into my psyche over the last 3 months and stands tall against all previous material you have produced since 360. A slow maturation, like fine wine is how I view your seven albums whilst still being innovative.
    Saw you at Wedgewood rooms last Saturday and shook you hand in the foyet. This is what I would have liked to have imparted with you at the time,but timing and tongue tied ness always prevents me.
    Your set was sublime and very tight, and if I may be so bold..maybe introducing a couple of tracks not so often played live would give extra dimension? There isn’t any that wouldn’t fit in. Yeah Man, Different Planets, Believing in it….but hey…I’ve been a few times and any newcomer we bring along or speak to are blown away by your set.. even down to Peter Chegwyn who runs our local Wickham Festival and have badgered him into booking you for ages. He was there Saturday and asked the people if he should book you in 2014..after an avalanche, he did. We volounteer at the festival and are made up to see you at our local…I know you wont let us down…Thanks so much!
    One Love
    Smudger Dread

  3. Ah, Greg, what an album you boys have created and what a band to be part of. The reason you’re my favourite act of all time is because of the variety and depth of your songwriting and because you and the boys are so personable both on and off stage. I came across you in the mid 90s and caught your act at the Deptford festival, loved what I heard and then years passed until I rediscovered you again in 2009. Dreadzone singlehandedly reignited my passion for music and I’ve made a point of seeing you at least 4 times a year ever since. Escapades was a risk because Eye on the Horizon was so successful and worked so well live but…what a brave and brilliant follow up. It took me two plays to get my ear in but since then..just bloody brilliant mate! Love leo’s bass play throughout (Rise up gets a blasting everyday!) and the lyrics are so obviously personal they must touch a chord with everyone that hears them. So made up I saw you at Scala, what a night! Regarding festivals, Smudgers not wrong, Wickham’s a gem as is Weyfest, details of which i’ve sent to the email address you sent me. Thanks for all the good times and the memories. Love the life. Dave C.

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