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Its been a while since my spring update ,what a great summer its been.. I’m aware that my blogs are not quite as frequent and eloquent as I would like but nevertheless there are times when I need to say something and that time is now…!

Next week we release our 7th studio album ‘Escapades’ and our 10th as Dreadzone if you include compilations and live albums.. and my 15th as an artist counting BAD and Screaming Target . 
Very excited about this one in particular as it feels like one of our best and was made in the aftermath ‘rush’ of the Big Audio Dynamite reunion in 2011, so the Escapades that we set to music have a fresh sense of adventure about them. Its another step forward but I could say that about a lot of our albums, we strive to re invent ourselves with every record, couldn’t imagine going over old ground. Some of the new album will sound familiar but there will be parts that are like new members of a family that you have to get to know. Also this is an album where relationships take more of a centre stage.. if life deals you those cards you have to play the game and tell the story like you see it. We can only be honest with what we write about, Eye on the horizon was like that and this is a step on, another day, another drama.. a good, bad and dread love story..

Anyway on with the show.. This album was made in Mick Jones’ studio. We plotted up in there like the BAD story was never finally over, we played, created and even got Mick to join us on one track with Don Letts capturing lyrics for another song that only he could articulate.  We were moved to write about current issues and burning concerns but wary of cliche… we want to wear our heart on our sleeve and feel no shame about being in love with the impossible.. Sometimes you have doubts but there was no hesitation in seizing the moment. With the strength of the main dread cast of players from our 20 year history we have nailed what feels like a true Dread album. Tim Bran, fellow founder co-producing, writing and playing, Leo Williams, original bassmaster general and my partner in our 3 decade strong rhythm section . Spee vocalising the best of the Roberts/Graham words and melody partnership along with Earl 16, the legendary voice giving flesh to the songs. Chris Compton with his unique guitar lines, my son Marlon with more guitar and killer keyboard licks, Lena Cullen, a new addition with the finest of female vocals and of course Mick Jones with one perfect guitar and voice, the original inspiration and root of where we have come from… this is Escapades .
Greg x Sept 13 album cover

BAD footnote

As well as being inspired by my original band I feel passionate about them in a way that the fans do. There was always a part of Micks original blueprint running through our music and ‘Too Late’ is us manifesting it..Big Audio Dreadzone..I hope that Dread and BAD fans alike can see that and support it. . 


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

3 thoughts on “Escapades- new album blog”

  1. Surely another top album Greg, last album was amazing and the comeback of Tim is great. And plus the maestro Mick aboard make me happy. Good luck and best wishes for the release and congrats for Too late, top tune and video.

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