Spring into life

The bright blue cloudless skies of the first week of March, like today, take me back to the same time in 1993 when we set up in a studio in Queens Park after signing our first deal with Creation as Dreadzone and set about making our first album 360.
Yes its the 20th anniversary that I’ve been reminding people about, but more so today as that start to the first album felt like year zero. I am pleased and proud that we have made it this far, intact and adventurous enough to keep pressing forward, despite our many ups and downs, with our eye on the horizon, as it were, and looking forward to releasing our 7th studio album Escapades very soon.
Still waiting to announce the actual release date due to mastering, artwork being finished and samples cleared through legal channels, so can’t divulge a date until we are absolutely certain. Since the start of the year I have been in a kind of hibernation after coming back from the far east , the cold weather and quiet gig times bring on a reclusive mood that serves as a rest period and a chance to try out some new ideas and experiences. I have been busy building a Dreadzone history blog to put our past in perspective, will have that link here soon. I have only done the first four years so will post it when its a bit further on. So there is a feeling things have turned full circle, 360 you could say. Todays bright spring like feeling felt like another new day of the next step,with the world keeping on turning , regenerating and re inspiring with the changing seasons.


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

8 thoughts on “Spring into life”

  1. Greg, I was almost there from the start Trinity Hall Brizzle, just after the Peel Seesions. Listening to your music then and still now is something special even spiritual. We have loved and lost our Brothers but keep going with their memories not too far away, for me your music hhelps me connect with my mate Bodge. Looking forward to the next stage. Life, Love and Unity xx

  2. I now you Dreads work very hard and u gotta now how much your music means to so many, struggling to get my feelings accross! but you know if you know?

  3. Hi Greg, hope you are well,? just a bit of waffle from me, hope it puts a smile on your face! had a dream, you and some guy were outside my home where I grew up, in a car, . I was so surprised to see you, you were pissed off we were not coming to your gig that night (not sure if it was BAD or Dread). You insisted we went to yours to get ready. There was a quite a few people there you were moody as they messed your bed up, as your were fixing the sheets. Then my dog, a Japanese Akita, the size of a lion got on it, I thought shit you gona freak! but you were fine and gave her a munch. Then we were at an elderly peoples home, I was working there (watching too much Derek!) somebody gave me some fruit jelly sweets and one Chanel designer toffee, to give to their mum. You wanted the Chanel toffee so i had to pretend I lost it, so I could get another to give to you. Never got as far as the gig, I woke up. Unfortunately! love and light xx

    1. wow thats some message/dream..how strange/interesting.. could read a lot into that. do you follow me on twitter cos i mentioned taking jelly babies to my mum in a care home..?!

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