Bali Xmas and a Kl new year

This christmas I availed myself of family connections to stay at a very special place in Bali Indonesia.
A new destination for me and one that delighted and enlightened. After growing accustomed to the quite formal surroundings of Malaysia the Hindu inspired ways of Bali were a rush of colour and sensation. The resort itself is a shrine to the classic designs of the region , renown as constant source of cool interiors and subtle decor. The original owner was an inspired French architect.
Seven villas are arranged around a central open plan traditional building which also houses an epic dining area and a state of the art cinema. An olympic length pool sits alongside the black volcanic beach which glitters in the sun. A great place to spend with my sons and their mother made even more special by the fact we had the whole place to ourselves.
The people are so friendly and welcoming and the local Gamelan has a dreamy trance like hum to the music with the strange scales resonating calm and wonder. An early morning prayer ceremony with chanting, bells and offerings was a privilege to watch and take part in. All the places we managed to visit were endlessly fascinating and the sunsets all quite unbelievable.
I realise I was lucky to be given an opportunity to stay here given the type of location and the connections mean I also have a need to share and help promote this wonderful experience. it’s ideal for group holidays ( would love to take our group one day ! ) and celebration getaways. Admittedly it is not along the lines of backpack trailblazing but the rich surroundings were the perfect setting to relax in after a year of hard work on the road and in the studio making our new album.
One more exciting escapade to round off the year.
Back in Kuala Lumpur now to see the new year in at a relations flat overlooking the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. heres wishing everybody a Happy and prosperous New Year x Greg


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