Making of a new album

keep meaning to do a blog update, i start one and don’t finish because I’m too wrapped up in making the music, playing the shows and doing updates on FB and Twitter anyway. however it is September now, whoops.. and this year has moved faster than even last year did.. and what a year that was. it has bled over into 2012 with all manner of feeling and has played a big part in shaping a new album. inspired to take the moment, we began in April with a bunch of ideas that had been on the boil.. buoyed by the involvement with Mick and the gang last year we pressed and was invited to use the bunker in Acton where Bad rehearsed. Carrying the bad dream through from last year had some expected obstacles; lack of dates, Mick off doing the Justice Tonight tour and not least we had to tend to the dread flame that had grown with Eye on the horizon. It felt right to be there as well, like saying here we are mate, we love making the music..and his place is perfect for that. To be fair if Bad want to do something its entirely up to him. Its his baby.. but it was great to get him and Don involved on a couple of occasions. can’t say what came of that yet but its all part of it.
The idea was to be quick about it, so the playing,shaping, writing and recording began in earnest at the start of April and was fully formed by end July ,in between bouts of festivals and shows. Three days a week in the bunker, programming in our own dread studio and listening / editing at home. Ah the logic and ease of the laptop workspace.. Throw in some quality time at a top studio and we were ready for the final phase. August saw the mix process under way, Tim Bran at the controls and as co producer from June. its best to only outline the scene at the moment rather than talk about the music. Given the wave that we rode last year I can truly say that the songs reflect an extra dimension that can arise from seizing those brief moments of inspiration one dreams of and shake them for all that they are worth ..see what pearls of nectar fall down from the tree of life.
erm anyway , the current state of play is still final mixes edits and tweaks.. and listening.. making it all run smoothly. Soon come.
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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

24 thoughts on “Making of a new album”

  1. into the future…….walk tall Mr Roberts…..looking forward to this…and on the 13th of dec..this year..DrEaDZoNe…are coming to town.

  2. Hey Greg, fab start to a beautiful day, switch on the tv to see BAD at Bestival. Thanks for the blog update. Excited and cant wait to hear new Dreadzone album. Hope to catch you on next tour. Oh and I do wish and dream to see BAD once more.. . Love and Light xxx

  3. I’m imagining the fresh album will be a companion piece to EOTH. Any little insights for us, Greg?

    On another note, get your hands on the new album ‘Pacifica’ by Sydney-based groovers The Presets. Awesome stuff – Underworld meets Yello meets Pet Shop Boys meets Chemical Brothers. The best Aussie album in years.

    Peace n light,


  4. Follow DreadZone from the early Days on… nearly every Album have inspired my Life .
    I know, the new One will do the same 🙂
    But, as living in Germany never had the chance to go to a show (except the legendary Glasto 95 , always remembering this) .
    Hope you will come over for a festival or ???
    Keep the Faith
    Love + Light

  5. Dreadzone reinventing themselves, ay… Good lord… Who would’ve thought! ; )

    On another note, I know you’re a Ray Winstone fan, Greg. I saw a great flick called ‘London Boulevard’ the other night on DVD. Well worth watching. Ray had so much presence as a South London kingpin. Keira Knightly was oh so pretty, oh so pretty (and vacant). Colin Farrell got the job done. David Thewlis was hilarious.

    Light, peace and unity,


  6. Saw DZ for first time at Norwich. Awesome! Great set from Fulltone to warm up, didn’t want DZ to stop. Fantastic evening. Come back soon please. Rich

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