Second Light – A personal view

Second Light will always remain a very special album to me. It’s impetus was sparked in the initial rush of acceptance of our debut 360 and it’s musicality from having the confidence the reward of that brings. We never set out to bring a unified theme to the whole album but as our scope expanded we would look in many different places for sample sources. The cornerstone of the album Little Britain was actually originally started in 1990, capturing an extract of Carl Orffs Carmina Burana over a simple rhythm . It wasn’t until 4 years later that we had shaped it into a proper tune. The same for A Canterbury Tale, after discovering the English composer Vaughn Williams. I was drawn to classical music as a source of rich melody and stirring themes along with Celtic and Asian influences.
Film sources such as the work of Powell and Pressburger, Lindsay Anderson, Alexander Kordas Thief of Baghdad and pirate films seemed to be a narrative glue that started to merge it all together..and the Dub vein that ran through our sound was the result of time spent in our previous group Screaming Target with Leo and Don Letts , which is where we first met Tim Bran working at Island Studios. All this fused perfectly with rhythms inspired by a progressive UK dance movement that kick started the group in the first place. Considering our heritage with Mick jones and BAD this multi culture clash felt natural and somehow helped to give the record its feel of that.
Taking advantage of funding by our publishers we plotted up in a studio unit in Queens Park with some good green and let our creative instincts roam free. Only when we were finished did we sign to Virgin. The buzz of major backing and exposure was indeed a fine time, I will always give thanks for the turn of events . For a brief moment there we were golden and in the most perfect place. As time moves on through changes this album continues to be the foundation that we build our house of dread upon.

Second Light Gear Info
Made with Akai MPC60, Akai S1000/ S950, Roland MKS80 Super Jupiter, Roland Juno, Oberheim Matrix ,Roland SH101, Roland 303 909 808 and Atari Notator & Leo Williams Bass
Made in 1994


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

6 thoughts on “Second Light – A personal view”

  1. Hi Greg
    Was your old band named after the Big Youth album Screaming Target by any chance? ‘Cos that’s named after the Jamaican release of the Oliver Reed film Sitting Target, which was based on the book of the same name written by my father-in-law, Lawrence Henderson…. I now run a little independent label called Sitting Target Music in honour of Laurie 🙂
    My kids and I are huge fans of Dreadzone by the way. Have a great time at Beautiful Days! Regards, Dave Milligan (The Penguin Party)

    1. hi , thanks for your message , sorry about the delay. thats a really interesting story. yes it was named after the album.
      must check some of the music on your label. nice to hear from you.
      take care

  2. And the album is a masterpiece. The samples, with their resonance and poignancy, have stayed with me for years. As have the beats and keyboard textures. I’m not sure if it’s DZ’s finest hour, but it comes close.

    ‘What would I give to grow old in a place like this?’


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