back to life..
jan and feb is usually in limbo for live musician playing but full of loose ends and new tasks to do since my return from KL,some dj shows, getting a new live set in order, trying to find the original parts for older tunes is proving quite impossible ,up to my ears in floppy disks,samplers and zip drives…old technology refusing to comply and the fact that nothing was put to tape, so the dream of doing a second light set has all but vanished , but will be highlighting it as a feature in a revamped set..also more importantly been working on a batch of exciting new tunes everyday to get to a stage where we have a killer selection,ready to go into a proper studio for some concentrated creative time with the dial all over the dread range and beyond for an album that is pencilled for later in the year.
First part of the year as well for new beginnings and finally getting to grips with my flat, giving it the final clear and de clutter and making it a real home, the space is feeling right now. Got one of my castaways back with me for now, Marlon in the place, expecting some killer musical ideas from him too.
what else is new?.. got a soundcloud now for dj mixes remixes and rarities, and updated youtube, spending time on spreading the word on the Second Light re release on the 5th March with new artwork,boss liner notes and bonus cd from the glastonbury 95 set where we dropped the John major resignation speech over fight the power. Maximum is on there as well, one of my fave dz tunes. Blog about second light on its way. Its a sunny day, spring is in the air .just off to the studio x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

4 thoughts on “ibernation”

  1. Blooming smashing! Cheers for sounds.
    Same prob loosing digital files and stuff with the old zip discs, join the club, moving on eh ? !!
    Still, I will be putting a whole section on my website of Dreadzone images from gigs in very near future , will send u a link when up and running , return the favour !
    Cheers, see you all at Frome hopefully ,,

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