This year marked twenty years since I first came to Malaysia. My wife Daniele , who I am now separated from, was born here. She is the mother of my two sons  Marlon and Blake who now live here with her since 2006. I  have been coming backwards and forwards on and off over the years to stay at family homes, mostly for xmas and new year and still continue to do so , the boys as well make regular trips to the UK.
In many ways the country was a key ingredient in the original founding days of Dreadzone, a refreshing eastern calm of varying shades informing some creative feeling. It is a simple place to come and relax , a gentle blend of heat,good food and friendly people , a cultural mix of Malay majority, Chinese know how and Indian backbone, with many Western workers living here ,all content with it’s union of Islam and big business, an easygoing snapshot of the east.It is not known as mini Asia for nothing. As i type, the call to prayer is wailing across the rooftops, many a morning I would be woken at 5.45 with the first of the day.
This year some precious time was spent with family in a cool house in Kuala Lumpur with some time in the island of Penang at a hotel which is part of Daniele’s fathers company that she works for. I had to take it easy with the rich food as i have had some recurring gallstone business so that will be dealt with on my return..Not much else to say except a pleasant recharge of the battery was welcome and now I fly back ready to take on the challenge of a busy coming year.
Happy New year or Gong Xi Fa Cai (or even Gong Hey Fat Choy) as they say here…


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

9 thoughts on “Malaysia”

  1. Hey Greg,

    Never been to KL. Would love to go. Hope your family are well.

    May 2012 be productive and enriching.

    What about a BAD gig in Sydney this year, with you and Don Letts DJing as a warm up?!

    All good things,

    Lorne (who’s celebrating just turing 40)

    1. cheers Lorne, nice to hear from you. i read on here that you are the top commenter on my blogs so respect for that! would love to come that way soon, just trying to get dreadz into america after such a good time BAD there..stay in touch, see you soon i hope

  2. Always BAD, always full of Dread!

    Not a Facebook devotee, thus the communication via WordPress.

    Loved your ‘Us and Them’ mix for Dubber Side – the album needed that uptempo vibe.

    Hoping Second Light might have a bonus rarity on the other side. Can you dig something out?



    1. Hello Greg, hope you are well and your gallstones are not troubling you too much? My sister and I can not wait for anything new from BAD and Dreadzone and are really looking forward to some live shows, I feel rejuvinated when I listen to your music and all BAD and Dreadzone fans are and always have been so freindly and cool so it will be good to bump into some at the gigs, love and light, Yvette.

  3. Hello Greg , sounds like you had a beautiful time in KL , look at that sky .its blissful ! you can see /hear how it infiuenced early Dreadzone. Hope you are well , you need to sort out those gallstones , i’ve heard the pain can be worse than labour pains . Bless you x . I remember meeting your wife in 1989 after the subterania gigs, you did before the Christmas. I think Marlon had not long been born. Me and my sis gave you a gift for him ,a mickey mouse toy. You introduced us to Daniele as the biggest BAD fans … and you were soooo right. Was speaking with my sis today ,reminiscing the good BAD days. Been watching Clapham Common gig . That was our first BAD gig, think i was 14, we got right down the front and over the stage onto the photographers stage. LOL It was amazing . Can still feel the excitement watching it now. Thanku 4 some fab times . love n light MWAH X

  4. Hey greg,

    Saw The Orb and Bomb the BAss in Sydney last Saturday night – energizing, awesome gig. BTB really blew me away. Spoke to Alex Paterson a bit pre-gig. He said he knew you, called you ‘Greg Dread’.


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