End of year blog

blog for the end of the year..
and what a year its been, one of the best in recent memory, a splendid rollercoaster of BAD, Dreadzone and love…The Good the Bad and the Dread. Admittedly not a huge amount of shows for the dreadz , and a love story that must maintain a respect for privacy . But being back on tour with BAD really ramped up the inspiration (see previous blogs) for pushing the elements forward..along with the Best of Dreadzone release and a good measure of beauty and intelligence the whole experience couldn’t fail to be a game raiser, a spark to ignite this coming year..
Changes are afoot not least in our own history dept. March sees the release of a re mastered version of Second Light complete with a bonus disc on Virgin EMI. To tie in with this it feels only right to revisit the album in a live context, if not the whole thing then at least a large chunk of it, played in the spirit of our early incarnation . this could see us reviving our more linear electronic approach featuring some gems from the 90s. It wont all be looking back..we will be trying out new material as we work on the next album,which is taking shape. The first real change in the zone is the departure after 4 years of laptoperator Chris Oldfield, who is moving to Wales with his partner who is expecting his child very soon . This will most likely lead to the technology being run from another direction without a loss of energy. We wish him all the best and have the most love , gratitude and respect for all his involvement.
My desire for re invention is strong so expect some new tangents.. we have nothing to lose and a faith that whatever we do will be the new phase of dread expression.
Reading books came back on the agenda in 2011, a welcome change from staring at a laptop, an almost vinyl like experience but with words. Life, the Keith Richards book and the biography of Steve Jobs have been full of reward for a hungry mind. He will be be sadly missed as will the challenging intellect of Christopher Hitchens who also died this year and whose memoir Hitch 22 i am currently devouring here in Malaysia. This welcome break gives me some quality time with my two grown up boys and a decent relaxing climate in which to recharge.
So we will aim to be on top of our game this year, undertaking challenges from a swiftly changing competitive music market with tenacity and variety, aiming to end the year with the same fierce energy i feel at the end of this one. so there you are, 2012 ,bring it on.
lots of love and best wishes for the year ahead people. i feel it will be an interesting one…


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

22 thoughts on “End of year blog”

  1. Fantastic read Greg, as ever its a great way to get insights into not just what lay ahead but also what it was like for you to experience the year. I for one cant wait for the revival of Second light in live form and as a reissued album, I also cant wait for the new album, I am excited about the direction and the possible change of direction. I know whatever you guys do it will be a winner.
    Wishing you all an amazing 2012 and have a sneaking feeling it wont be long till i see you guys. My own boy is 13 today so I hope to be sneaking him in to a Dread gig sometime soon….Very best wishes J (No1) 🙂

  2. Thanks for a fantastic year, Greg. The BAD reunion was something I could only have dreamed about. I managed to take in Newcastle, Manchester and the Royal Festival Hall, each one an amazing gig. My drummer mate (who is a huge fan of yours) was ecstatic when I handed him your drumstick I’d caught in Newcastle. I think it is now in a frame on his wall with all the BAD autographs. Also big respect for your Dreadzone work, hope to catch you guys again if you’re near Newcastle.
    Hope you and your family have a great new year.


  3. Looking forward to hearing seeing and reading all about your next adventure ….blessings to you and yours and the lads !!!!! Luv n Light ..always x

  4. So glad it has been a good (BAD and Dread)year for you. Been an interesting one for me and my lady Sarah too. Whatever happens, good or bad – makes us stronger and we learn with every step and with your music and gigs to light the way it soothes us and makes life even better – how lucky we are! Thanks so much Greg and to all at Dreadzone (Good luck to Chris in his new life too) Be seeing you in 2012..All the best…Smudger

  5. wishing you all the very best for the new year Greg, can’t wait to see and hear what 2012 brings for you and the rest of the Dread crew. See you somewhere along the way!

    Grant x

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR Greggie (Top man) xxx Me and my sis saw Dreadzone for the first time this year WHOOPS! Last year. We were gobsacked. You guys were amazing. Iam not sure why i expected anything less . I guess maybe BAD set the standard . We use to come to many of your gigs across the country ,we would often miss our last train home .OMG what we must have put our parents through. My son is 20 now and i dont sleep at night when he is out. Great to see Davo onstage with BAD huge respect for him . Will miss Dan . HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 BAD and Dreadzone . LOVE AND LIGHT Beautiful man xxx

  7. Changes eh 🙂 , good luck to Chris whatever he does in the future, looking forward to the old revisited and the new ,as always. DZ been part of life for so many years can’t imagine 2012 being any different X

  8. All the best for the New Year and new and old sounds, Goodluck to Chris on his move. Look forward to hopefully catching up in the coming year.

    love light

    Terri and Co

  9. A very happy new year Greg, to you and all of the Deadz! I can’t begin to describe the pleasure that coming to your gigs has brought me in recent years. You’re a unique band and you’ve given us some stand out memories. It was such a bonus to be able to catch B.A.D. at Beautiful Days last year as well (we were the ones shouting out the lyrics to V Thirteen and trying to get a conga going (no takers by the way!).
    Can’t wait to see Second Light live. As much as I love a good bounce, the reflective electronica that you’ve created deserves a bigger stage. Any chance of re-visiting Biological Radio? That album was a gem!
    Have a great 2012, see you front of stage!

  10. Guvnor all the very best for 2012, you’ve never let me down over all these years!! The ship may undertake changes but as all ships with a good captain. They sail stronger!
    All the best to Mr C he will be missed from the ship.
    Looking forward to seeing you in 2012 a big AHOY!!!!!!!! to your ship

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