From BAD to the return of the Dread..

And so it ends, for now… its hard to put into words how i feel at the end of a most unexpected season of the reunion..
After the US tour (see last blog) we spent the rest of August weekends in festival mode, UK first and Beautiful Days in Devon run by Dreadzones manager who also looks after the Levellers and their festival. It was quite tricky following a very lively Gogol Bordello set but we did our best to rock the crowd at this colourful and very down to earth event.. one where our other band has had the crowd jumping before, which wasn’t entirely the case here..but what can i say, i know Dreadzone has that bounce factor but BAD represented nevertheless..
A deep contrast to the next two days at the V Festivals where we ticked the ‘respectable 80s reunion’ box in amongst all manner of poptastic daytime corporate festival filler. Eminem again though, this time a gallery view from the side of the stage. It was great having my son Blake along with me for this weekend to enjoy that.. also a nice big tour bus to cane the 3 day stint . A proper working weekend with lots of goodies to enjoy.
The following week saw us take the bus again for an overnight trip to Paris and the Rock en seine festival. highlights – excellent food, the foo fighters, our show ; tight and energetic and very well received . Then came the switch ; straight back to London to board the dread bus with Leo and Loki and do the first dreadzone gig in nearly two months down in somerset. i cant really say much about the actual festival but my word , our performance was like a revelation. After being on an intensive set of dates with BAD we hit the ground running with the dreads that night.. and it was so good to be back with the guys. we lit up the night and had the people moshing bouncing and wild dancing. a warm glow was in my heart after that show. I may have been back in a Premier inn but I knew what made me comfortable.
Back to BAD and the Electric Picnic. whats to say about that, September weather turning , windy Ireland spaces and sudden sun in places. an expansive site of so many stages ,tents and goings on. Caught the Family stone (without Sly) ,was a truly classic sound, sweet in the sunshine. Our show ? good yeah .. big crowd. for me it was one of my least favourites but everyone seemed to enjoy it. and then the final one last week -Bestival..this was a really good show , not a massive crowd but a fine finale to this reunion tour ,and we finished with the Bottom line,the first bad tune full circle to the last line – ‘anything you want is yours’. Well it has been this year for all of us. this has been a truly special 9 months, from the first meeting to the last show. an exciting, dramatic,life affirming and hugely enjoyable set of shows. This cant be the end, there is so much impetus and love for the band.. we all wait and see where we take it next. whatever we do respect goes out to the main man and keeper of the key Mick Jones, a true gentleman and the original inspiration. Big ups to everyone involved and all the people who came to see the shows ..until the next phase.
After a week off in New York I am back on Dread duties with the Good the Bad and the Dread tour, while BAD keeps on living and breathing through the rhythm x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

14 thoughts on “From BAD to the return of the Dread..”

  1. Thanks for all the fantastic shows and hope you see again next year!!! Live,love and unity.It´s a pleasure for me ears hear you amazing drums playing.Hope will be reflected in the new album.

  2. Yeah thank you for the music and the vibe
    And this i’ve got to say truly unexpected reunion

    As you said “This can’t be the end”….

  3. Some absolutely fantastic shows this year Greg and many thanks and big respect to everyone involved. Shepherds Bush twice, Bournemouth and the Royal Festival Hall. Some great photos and some brilliant memories. One love….Pete & Michelle X

  4. im gutted i missed all the BAD/Dreadz shows as i’ve been out of the country! it cant be the end as you say so…try and make it to South Africa please……..Cape Town to be exact!

    By the way Dubstep is really kickin off on this side of the world!

    Big up urself Greg mate and all BAD/Dreadz crew!

  5. Enjoyed your BAD shows in London and at Beautiful Days, now looking forward to seeing you in Oxford this Friday and again in December with the Levellers

  6. Hey Greg,
    Caught B.A.D. at Beautiful Days and we thought you guys rocked! Yeah, Gogol Bordello were lively but they’re not the band i’ve been waiting to see for 20 odd years and you didn’t disappoint.
    Surprised you didn’t spot the two middle aged geezers with dodgy wigs near the front shouting out ‘Sodom and Gomorra, let the dj play’ at anyone and to anyone that got too near!
    It was good to catch MC Spee and Chris doing the SoundSystem ‘thang’ in the little big top as well.
    We’ll see you boys at Brixton in December
    Until then, we’ll keep the faith….

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