Summertime..part 1

Long time no blog, have been a bit here goes with a bit of a catch up..summer 2011 and the BAD adventures continue..
i would like to be able to share what happened after April but it is too entwined with the personal and the private ..and to be honest people really should be given the respect to keep it that way..
the rebooted format kicks like a new band. BAD v3 , more rock and roll. Davo is the heart and soul in this set up…respect is due.
The summer truly kicked off with Glastonbury on a rather wet friday and an eager enough crowd. we represented the bad cause but the damp weather and time slot meant it wasn’t one of the top ones. me and Leo smashed it the next day with Dreadzone but thats another story..
July gave us some special moments, not least the Exit festival in Serbia. Outstanding location in a castle by the Danube, amazing weather and fun times made it like we like it, a weekend away with a great team of people, old mates on an adventure. It was a bit of an early slot but we made the most of it. a later slot the following week in Benicassim in Spain was better but our show was not the usual away win, in fact the first 😦 of the campaign. We learnt from that and rehearsed for a show at the Royal Festival hall for the ‘London is the place for me ‘ weekend. This was one of the best Bad shows ever in a classic venue and put us back in the right place for the Japan Fuji rock festival which was very exciting as it was the first time I had been to Japan. The festival itself was pretty special in its own way ,although extremely wet. we were very well received and managed to take in some of the fun including a special Manu Chao set, a Don Letts dj set and a wet night of exploring. Our day off in Tokyo was spent taking in some the cool spots including the Harajuku district and Gonpachi ‘kill bill’ restaurant. after a good night out I fell asleep to be awoken by the hotel room wobbling. yes my first earthquake. and i just went back to sleep again. amazing…. after more Virgin premium economy we spent a day in london before departing for a tour of the USA..


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

3 thoughts on “Summertime..part 1”

  1. It’s always a great pleasure to read you Greg Thanks.
    And i understand clearly that some of stories got to be keep in secret.

    All i hope is that BAD got enought well receive to give you the strenght and most of all the envy to continue the story. It’s up to you guys !§

    i was lucky enought too 2 see you 2 times during this tour
    First at the Sheperds Bush 2nd
    and seconde one at Rock en Seine (I was at the first raw right in the middle and i think we yelled together during c’m every beat box…great memories to me).

    I hope to see you again one of this days

    Again it’s up to you guys

    i’ll be there be sure of that

    Thanks for the music
    Thanks for the good vibes and the spirit



  2. I was there at Shepherds Bush. It was fantastic! Euphoric and moving. I was the only one of my circle of friends who ‘got’ BAD first time round. It was wonderful to be in a packed house of grinning,singing BAD fans. I was down the front at Beautiful Days too. Bliss 🙂 Thanks for everything… Dave Milligan (the penguin party / arco)

  3. Hi Greg, what a fantastic year so far!! I’ve seen plenty of Dreadzone before but BAD at Beautiful Days was amazing!! I was right in the middle right at the front (with Jezzie and Christa) staring right up Mick Jones nose!!! The band were brilliant and the highlight of the festival for me. I saw The Clash years ago but I never got to see BAD the first time round so it was steal treat for me. Looking forward to Dreadzone again in Exeter and Brizzle. Keep rocking man, AHOY!!!

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