BAD part 2.. from West london to the West coast

The good ship BAD set sail for America right after the UK tour, we hardly had time to do our washing when the Virgin Atlantic bus hit the sky, the troops all bright eyed and drinks in hand, the A team on a new adventure. it was 21 years since the original lineup set foot on US soil and it was as it always began , on the west coast , L.A. city of dreams. A return to The Roxy on Sunset to be precise where some special old friends like Rick Rubin, Flea & Steve Jones reminded us we go way back, but im getting ahead of myself here…
The 11 hour flight was cushioned by checking into the Roosevelt hotel off Hollywood Boulevard . A narrow time frame begged to be filled so we all went and made the most of it, Mels diner for breakfast ,downtown Los Angeles ,Santa Monica, riding on Sunset and chilling by the pool. Scheduled as a warm up for Coachella this was still a proper gig of some importance and an instant sellout to a stellar crowd, and it went right off , another night to remember with some great people before , after and during the show. jet lag was sustained enough to replenish ourselves for the next day to travel east on route 10 to Palm springs, the Hyatt Resort , base for the Coachella contingent.The drive there from LA was a highlight in itself, especially with some fine cali bud, music on the headphones and a bright blue sky bringing out the best of a road trip through endless windfarms, rolling freight trains and the St Jacinto mountains as a backdrop. the best of days…
Palm Springs is immersed in a dense desert heat that we had to be wary of ahead of a prime event like Coachella and the resort gave us a chance to chill in style. Arriving in the cooler early evening we set a marker down as one of the festival highlights with a tight and inspired performance. For me it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played…the buzz from such a show and some bizarre trailer fun with Danny Devito made it another day to cherish. after much merriment and celebration we had to catch the final shuttle back to the hotel and arise the next day for a flight from Phoenix to New York, possibly the best city on earth. The week spent there was enough to warrant a blog in itself, so stay tuned for the next chapter.
greg x

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the road trip east from LA to Palm springs had a soundtrack that stayed with are some tunes i remember

I need a saga

the ultimate electronic western

over the hills and far away

i got my hash pipe


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