From dread to BAD- notes from the tour

notes from the tour
writing this on the way back to london from bristol, sunny sunday morning end of UK tour..
after 6 weeks of intensive rehearsals interspersed with regular Dreadzone shows for myself and Leo BAD hit the road two weeks ago armed with a set of songs recovered from memory banks and an A team of veterans committed to the cause. from the off we were given so much love and great reactions that it gave us the confidence to develop swiftly on stage. Liverpool first up and nerves gave way to a rousing reception. Glasgow and Newcastle were equally thunderous and along the way so many old familiar faces smiling back at us lifted the spirit. by the time we got to our own manor of West London we were sharp enough to make it a very special reunion. two nights sold out at Shepherd Bush Empire felt like the kind of show we are aiming for, its a stage show about the Bad story with an energetic soundtrack. the technology has enabled us to compliment our maturing musicianship with a muscular shell no one can test..and with the songs still sounding fresh and relevant ,the time is right to hear the stories that we tell. Told with an understanding of who we are now and where we came from.
if this sounds like blowing our own trumpet then , well..sorry, but this is one hell of a band now…the second week had us hitting our stride and stretching out the creativity.Nottingham and Leeds steeled us up for an outstanding one in Manchester, before rounding up in Bristol. the house lights up/ all hands in the air at the end to every show is proof that we delivered a tight rocking set with approval of everyone apart from as far as i know a couple of people (journalists)
we have nailed the performance now and can take it around the world to some good festivals. This week we set off to America and the Coachella festival with an LA warmup and a NYC send off. I am so looking forward to the next step with a great bunch of people. for sure all the hard work, preparation and approach has really paid off..respect to all in the gang aside from the band- Davo 6th member and keeper of BADs technological heart, Loki Dread my drum general, Basil and Dave the best sound around, Max lighting supremo, Roger the guitar man and the ever charming Angus as tour manager. Working on this level gives you the chance to enjoy a smoother ride ,a timely reminder to really live for the moment.. none more so than onstage, where we are having so much fun playing our hearts out with old friends.
thanks to all who came and showed the support, every single show was an amazing response..thanks to all the bloggers, reviewers and sharers of BAD information..
next update soon come x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

8 thoughts on “From dread to BAD- notes from the tour”

  1. greg – can’t friggin’ wait for nyc, all the video clips & audio have everyone amped, old & new fans alike. the band is a beast right now, so happy you’ve been shown the love so far on tour…you guys deserve it. safe travels, ny is waiting…impatiently respects
    dj sonburn

  2. The Sunday night Shepherd’s bush show was the best gig I’ve ever seen! The place was rocking right to the very back, and the theatre was full of visibly moved punters beaming like children…
    Can’t wait till Beautiful Days! I’ll be dragging my kids down the front for that one!

    Thanks for a great night…
    Dave Milligan

  3. Greg man, Im so so pleased the band enjoyed it as much as the fans..I think the proof of the success is mirrored in the bands enjoyment and the fans reactions. What an amazing two weeks. From first hearing the news of the tour till now, has been a dream like surreal feeling. I saw you guys at Shepherds Bush & Bristol and they were the two best gigs I have been to (Made me feel like a teenager and roused some strong emotions. I am so grateful to you guys for this tour and so pleased the band have enjoyed it so obviously too. Amazing to see you all back again. Good luck for the rest of the tour. Looking forward to Dreadzone throughout the year too. Your a legend fella and last week I saw you with the other legends…God bless you all!!!!

  4. In a way i just can’t realize what happened.

    A BAD reunion man !!! I never trought this gonna happen…

    Mais et voilà !!

    I could make really bad things to be able to see you at NY city.

    I can feeling reading your post that’s BAd planning some stuff in the futur, you got plan and that make my day
    or my week,
    probably my year.

    It’s cool to wake up the morning and think that’s BAD is alive.
    World is a bit less empty

    i hope this is the beginning of a new BAd chapter. you deserve that



  5. Great update, thanks!
    Well done to all of you on a sound and worthy return. Any chance of a BAD show in Toronto?
    Big ups

  6. Hi Greg

    myself and the 1989 posse (8 in total) re-convened from diff parts of Scotland to hit the gig in Glasgow ( average age 39 and a bit!!)…10/10 and thanks from us all..but we all agreed that BAD’s brilliance will now get a real opportunity in 2011> to be channelled into the ears of the i-pod generation !


  7. Thanks Greg and all the band members for make this real.I saw the sunday concert and the Nothingham night ,two amazing nights,really tight band now,i never see the band in the past but but i saw loads of concerts in my life and the Shepherds Bush gig was one of the five best concert i see in my life really! Awesome drumming too. My best wishes for the future, i hope you will record any new great music and hope see you playing again soon!!!!!!!!

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