Big Audio Dread

So…..not a BAD start to the year then.. quite a surprise though, after much speculation finally old connections are revived and the original inspiration comes alive.
It seems like a fortunate twist of timing..just as i find myself in a good place with new flat and studio, a best of Dreadzone’s 18 year history called ‘The Good the Bad and the Dread’ set for release in May and some calm after a stormy few years …as if things couldn’t get any better, in January five old friends got together in a hotel in Soho to make an agreement.. to rewind the mind back and remember the BAD songbook, and breath new life into it for a 2011 audience for a few select shows.
Without predicting too much i can tell that this version has every chance to be a bigger and better sound this time . With what we know now we wont be content to just play music , we will go out there and aim to detonate with an updated , wiser and harder hitting group than before… a rhythm section lock down from a 25 year partnership driving the rock and roll guitar of Mick Jones, voice of the westway ..add the blast of Dan Donovan’s electronic wizardry and the cinematic dread of Don Letts we are looking at a heavy duty soundclash some memorable tunes. Lets not kid ourselves here..we’re not young men anymore but from what its sounding like after a few days rehearsal…. the old skool will rule, like we have never been away…and its a good a time as any to let those songs out to play again.
So sit tight and listen keenly.. the gang is back for one last ride and this time i bet you its BAD..and just in case anyone has any doubts..this does not mean Dreadzone will suffer..with our Best of selection it feels right to have a retrospective year.. both bands will be active , same as it ever was, it just means some of us will have to work twice as hard, but the rewards are worth it..but trust me..Dread will still come over…bring on 2011 – BAD – Bad and Dread xx


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

10 thoughts on “Big Audio Dread”

  1. You don’t look for something, it’s sure to be found, hey Greg?!

    Sodom and Gomorrah let BAD and Dreadzone play, cause we’re only gone tomorrow and here today!

    LJ, Still Dread in OZ

  2. Hi Greg

    Nel here (way back contributer to the old forum DZ site ) really cant wait for the Glasgow BAD gig .me and a few old BAD chums are getting together and will be there..touching 40 but no longer smoke that fact quit!!!!.,,last time we saw the ensemble in Glasgow was in 1988 Barrowlands (Ranking Rodger in support)All the best to you all M ‘lord!

  3. fantastic news!havent seen big audio since ’93 in asbury park.but dread and BAD together is going to blow the roof son tiberius keeps asking when we are going to see dread again,cant wait to find out the show dates.
    may the dread be with you.

  4. Ho man i’m so glad you reform BAD at last
    I waiting to see you guys for so many years.

    And Thanks to put those words on the internet.

    I’m living in France but i took 2 tickets for th 2nd april show at the empire I just can’t wait

    And one last thing
    If you planned to record a new BAD record please put your drummer skill on it. I love Beatbox, but this time i want to hear you on that stuff.
    To me Mick played with two greats drummers during his career the first one is Topper of course and after Topper it’s you man, the others are crap.

    See you at the Empire
    Take Care


  5. Slicing up Eyeballs says Sony has mentioned a new BAD album’s in the pipeline! Can you tell us anything about that Greg?

    Also, I met Earl 16 the other day, post a storming Leftfield gig in Sydney. Lovely bloke.


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