2010- back on the blog

Time for a new blog now that the tour bus has stopped rolling and the simple pleasure of staying in one place for a while kicks in with all manner of things to catch up on, including this.

Its been a while since the last blog, what with this year being one of massive upheaval for me .. finally moving from the house i lived in for 17 years, where Second light began, where my family grew and then in the last four years has been home to me as i dealt with varying stages of loss.  2010 has felt like closure on this period of change. The new album has been a beacon of light this year to bring us out of the shade , purging our collective selves of all the detritus of loss. In a way having ‘Eye on the horizon’ as a title seemed to sum up what was needed ,to look ahead and move on.
The album has been so well received in many areas by so many different people, some would say not in mainstream media enough, but we get used to that after being around for so long. There is so much new music all the time that it gets to be a crowded business .We have our own space in which there is continual growth. I am pleased that with this album, we have laid down another musical marker that demands attention and will stand the test of time. It is also on our own label Dubwiser so it feels like we are in control with less pressure.  It is so encouraging to know that some of the tunes have touched people on the same raw vein of feeling as we put into it. It feels like we are on a quest for a positive outcome through music & words ,tears & laughter.

The live shows have been increasingly more tight and solid as we rolled through the heartland of the festival and gig network. The tour took us far and wide and won us many new friends. The new tunes are sitting perfectly in the set. Earl 16 may have been enticed away on occasions by Leftfield this year but who can blame him for that ? Spee has taken the stool and stick to new heights. We all dig deeper as the crowds give us so much energy in return. Huge respect goes out to all who have been at our shows.. and a special shout out to all the lovely ladies who make up large numbers of our audience .. ‘I Know, bad boy them a like this.. ‘x
The remixes of some of the new tunes have created a stir, none more so than the Trolley Snatcha mix of Gangster. This and others by Pyramid, She is danger, Engine Earz Experiment and Warrior One have stimulated nerve ends in the new breed of listener. We have long been known for our dub element but it doesn’t mean we would suddenly try to make dubstep. its a new language that excites and speaks to a new generation. We are developing as songwriters , we have our own path. We overlap in many different areas and are linked to the present by our own past innovation.

So finally I make use of this blog again. last time it was from another home, the album had just been released (on the exact same day that the house offer was accepted..) and I was on the verge of a big leap into the unknown. The upheaval in a home full of all the musical & studio equipment and years of family accumulation in every corner was the biggest tangle to unravel .. so everything music went one way to a wicked new studio in Ladbroke Grove, the crucial home comforts have moved into a very nice new apartment nearby and all the overspill that didn’t make storage went to Brent recycling dump, charity, friends, car boot sales (yes) and into the bin of life.

Now there is sense of excited anticipation about what is on the horizon and what new beginnings in the studio will bring , with a commitment to some already commissioned work and an eye on collaborations, remixes and new dread stuff. So bring on the next chapter..which, incidentally, after saying all that about moving forward, must look back before we step forth…so lets have a Best of Dreadzone for 2011 please mr dread…..x

As always, thanks for listening
Seasons greetings and Happy new year to all xxxx
Greg x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

12 thoughts on “2010- back on the blog”

  1. thanks to one and all we have been playing you
    on the wireless since 1999 on my show big dub big love “end of the world news” peace and love to you all
    take care m8 from a expat brit in canada ps love the new album and the version excursion
    American Dread
    Hôtel Costes 14 (Mixed by Stéphane Pompougnac)

  2. Seeing Dreadzone for the first time – two years ago in Wales at Workhouse – was a pivotal moment in my chaotic life. I was blown away by your energy, by the untold possibilities a new life, new friends, re-connecting with old friends. I’d left a life behind me, moved house, moved county, more or less moved to the other end of the country. My life’s ever changing still, an organic progression into untold possibilities.

    And Dreadzone….how many times have you wowed me this year, a constant reminder of how great life can be!!

    Roll on 2011, first gig Lincoln? Got my eye on the horizon and it says I’ll be there


  3. For over 15 years I’ve enjoyed coming to see Dreadzone and it just gets better and better.Recent gigs Cargo, Forum Tunbridge Wells (I’m sorry we had to leave early for our train I’ll come by car in 2011!)and the Scala were wicked and yet another great album. Wonderful songs and music that always inspires me to make my own. So glad Dreadzone are going from strength to strength and I’m looking forward to more and more music. Thanks to you and the whole Dreadzone crew have a wonderful Christmas. Russ x

  4. Thanks Greg, great to hear how things are going and with that positive, progressive attitude, “good tings a gwarn”!
    See you and the crew in Aldershot.
    Y’all have a good one.


  5. Have loved music since my first memory,been moved by so much in 42 years, never thought I’d be moved so much more since 2008 guilfest to present day listening to your music and seeing you live (9 times and counting!..)Don’t know what it is but boy..you,ve got it. Eye on the horizon easily best album of year,so much depth and passion..never tire of listening to it or any other dread album, the soundtracks to our lives.
    Thankyou so much to all who contribute to the cause.
    Love and peace this christmas and an tingling inside for whats to come for 2011 (Love to see you at Womad)
    Smudger and Scary xx

  6. Hey, my English is not so good and I had to use several time the dictionary to understand the words 🙂 but from music part of all songs I have heard from dreadzone it is just the “masterpiece exploding in the middle of world stage of opera house”. I soon as I finish this comment I am going to write the leader of our well-known festival Pohoda in Slovakia to give you a call and bag you on his knees to come to Slovakia 🙂 have a succesful year!martina


  7. Hello Greg,

    Long time, no speak! Happy New Year.

    Thanks for EYE, it’s tremendous on so many levels.

    Big news re. BAD reunion. Are you drumming with them again?

    Love, life and unity,

    Still Dread in Australia

  8. I discover online you are indeed drumming again, Greg. Cool!

    BAD’s reunion is thrilling, staggering news. The horses are indeed back on the track.

    Please ask the guys about a Sydney show.


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