Eye on the horizon 26.4.2010

So…Dreadzones sixth studio album is released this week and though it has been a long time coming some will understand why.. although it is still probably best if we don’t take as long next time (we wont). It’s been some journey , a time of reflection and rebuilding, of new beginnings and positivity, an honest trek through moments so intertwined with music and writing that the emotion has been able to channel into some pretty truthful songs. This album encompasses elements of dread past and present, whilst facing forward to a sound future…the eye is on the horizon.  It’s where we have found ourselves as songwriters, something thats been growing over the years. it was a conscious decision to do that..maybe because we had so much to say,like a kind of cathartic release, but more likely because the vocalists are so embedded in the dread sound now.
Spee and I have spent a fair amount of time as sound system traveling and band touring best mates.. we have both lost our brothers, are both gemini monkeys alike and are keen explorers of word and melody. We embrace the role of songwriting and the input from the band setup has been the ideal setting… Earl Sixteens distinctive voice is another reason why we set our sights high, giving us inspiration to extend the harmonic range. Melody has risen up from various sources , inspired in places by the guitar work of new man Chris Compton that fills the album…and of course the rhythm section ,twenty five years strong now, laying down the foundation of organic and technologic.  As well as the band i am well pleased with the contribution from my son Marlon, who played some significant keyboard parts, also the involvement of my co founder of Dreadzone Tim Bran, who mixed half of the album. On mix duties as well is an old friend who we worked with on the Biological Radio album, Adam Wren, who is also renown for mixing half of Leftism. The third man in the mix is a new cohort for us in soundscaping, Nicky D’Silva aka Inchie (Ctrl Z and Pyramid) who brought his sonic weight to bear on three tracks.Together they made the simple production approach come to life and complimented the variation of sound. Respect is due to the part band member Chris Oldie played for enabling the recording and processing with love and dedication ,the extra ears on backup. Spee’s old vocal partner Sweetie Irie crops up on one track and our good friend Marcie supplies breathtaking vocal backup on 2 tunes… and one track we kept my late brother Steve’s guitar in there and used it on a reprise for him at the end of American dread…  The last few years have been a real emotional rollercoaster..but things feel better because we love this record ,its been my salvation and to hear all the love and positive feedback for it so far is the definition of real happiness. x


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Writer , Producer, Drummer, founder member of Dreadzone. Occasional DJ Drummer with Big Audio Dynamite

9 thoughts on “Eye on the horizon 26.4.2010”

  1. Guys, I have been looking forward to this album for ages. Finally get to hear it in it’s entirity (after hearing some tracks live, and much teasing from Loki Dread), and it was well worth the wait. Anyone that passes this album by is, passing by a real musical treat.

  2. It’s a bit special! The stand out tracks for me are Beyond a Rock and American Dread..(how current are Woody Guthrie’s words in the intro?)..but the whole album is on repeat at the moment. I’ve always preferred you live to your recorded stuff..until now..methinks that there are a gorgeous clash of journeys in this work that were meant to be..

  3. the album has been well worth the wait… the slower tracks are my favourite to listen to at home, changes, walk tall & just let go but for skankin the night away it has to be american dread 🙂 really hope to hear yeh man live one day 🙂 i can’t imagin how tough the last few years must have been, like you & spee simon too has lost a brother & i know no amount of sympathetc friends can really help ease the pain. i think the last track just let go is a reminder to all of us who have lost the people closest to us that we have to let go & get on with loving the life we’re living 🙂 greg, thank you so much for your friendship & generosity over the past few years… hope to see you very soon… nuff love xxx

  4. The album has been well worth the wait. Every time I listen to it my favourite track changes. The new songs sounded great at Stroud and I can’t wait to see you all again at Bearded Theory Festival. Top album top band

  5. Worlds apart from 360, but still completely Dread, its a top album! The comments well deserved fellas. Excellent production aswell. Already looking forward to the next one!!!

  6. well i dont need 2 say any thing about the new album. cause every boby has said it for me! oh ok its spot on greg u can give ur self a pat on the back. cant wait 2 c u live. big ups / from the dreadzone bouncing crew!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Big love to all of you past and present….Been a follower since you played on Brighton beach all those years ago….Truly love your work…Cant wait for the Komedia (again!)…

  8. yes greg having been a close inspector of dread movement from the tough times to the now times i can honestly say this album is born out of real times ! and as a result ONLY DREAM WILL COME OVER big love to all the dreadzone crew .one love one life one unity 🙂 xxx

  9. yes greg it is true to say this album has grown out of tough times ! and as a massive fan i can say this is the time to move the zone UPWARDS to the future ONLY DREAD CAN COME OVER 🙂 xxx

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