Dread Times

A little while since my last update so I thought its about time to put down some words about these here Dread times. Its been quite a year so far with the release and response to our 8th studio album. It came out on the 17th Feb and performed rather well on the first week thanks to some great pre orders and reaction to the music on radio, press and on stage.   Incredibly it did so well that it propelled us into the UK top 40 album chart for the first time in 22 years , last time we did that was with Second Light. Lots of things have helped toward that, as i mentioned pre orders , vinyl sales , some in store promotions and a big helping of Facebook live which is a recent discovery for us and myself. It was something I have just fallen into and maintained a natural approach to, playing some music and chatting with the comments providing a nice thread to interact with . This has given birth to hopefully a regular weekly live feed with music on a Thursday with other ones now and then with guests and more stuff.

All this activity and response has helped to increase live attendances as well and the shows have been really great so far this year … so i just wanted put something down in here to thank everyone for their continued support and love for the music . A lot of people have taken to this album saying it is one of our best . I think one thing I have realised is that it seems to bring many elements of our different albums together on one cohesive whole. That’s why its appeal has been quite wide-ranging, some like us for our Second Light period ,others more for Sound or Once upon a time. Dread Times covers a lot of areas and adds a fresh approach partly due to new blood within the set up . We made a lyric video for the first single Mountain which is what kicked it all off. Another single with some other mixes is due soon so watch this space or the Dreadzone Facebook for the live feed and info /chat

Greg x


Taking it back part 2-the good the bad and the dread

Originally called The man with no head..?!  this could well be the second dz track created. It started life after I sampled a part of my brother Steve’s acoustic guitar from a Screaming Target song and slowed it down to create the foundation . At the time around early 92 I had my drum kit set up in Paul Simonons basement.. his wife Trish had suggested me and Paul try and work on some music together but nothing came of it.. I had created this as one idea for us to play around with. I had always loved Ennio Morricone and the spaghetti western theme was in my blood through way of BAD so sampling something from that genre was bound to happen. The track grew into one of the highlights of the first album but this was the first basic recording of the idea made at home.

For those who like to know about tech stuff the main writing tool in those days was the Akai Linn MPC 60 , a sampling sequencer drum machine,  a beast of a machine which i still have and am in the process of repairing. Most of the first Dreadzone album was written on this along with an Akai S1000 , Roland Juno 106 and SH101. After we signed a deal and started making the album I bought an MKS80 Super Jupiter and Tim bought an Oberheim Matrix both from a friend called John Wadell who owned the studio we made it in in Queens Park.Some parts on Atari were added but the MPC60 ran the show.



So the end of another year and one which many would agree was not the best of years, we all know the reasons why. We spent a large part of this year making a new album and touring so the dread vibe just kept rolling. The autumn tour was such a blast with a load of special shows , it hard to pick the standouts but I have to mention a few memorable ones as usual;   firstly big up everyone one who came to see us..your passion for the music brings an energy that drives us on.. so Bridport, Bristol, London, Leeds, Colchester- just a few of those who raised the energy up to another level.

As usual the biggest love and respect goes out to the almighty dread team who roll like thunder- Leo, Spee, Earl, Bazil ,Chris, Loki ,Simon and Thom .. also along the way Jonny Milton, all in the DMF office to keep everything running smoothly and make it all possible- David , Laura , Zac, Gill and Jon .Thanks and big love to the House of Dread and all the wonderful people who came to see us and all the great promoters and friends who put the shows on.

Next year sees the release of our 8th studio album Dread Times at the beginning of the year -17.2.17 , so we will be hitting the ground running with dates starting around the same time, some new tunes in the set and some other changes too, technology and a large back catalogue means we can interchange music from different eras of Dread.Some great new merch on the way as well . Finally to all those we loved and lost along the way this year, too many to mention ..Heres to 2017 being better than this year – Merry Christmas and Happy New year  x Greg and the dreadz x


Taking it way back – first Dread demos

As we countdown to our 8th studio album i wanted to dig out some stuff thats not seen the light of day and gives an idea of what things were going on at the inception of Dreadzone. Lets take it right back to the start . The very first tune House of Dread was born within probably the last Screaming Target session in early 92. We had written a bunch of songs to try and get a deal and nothing was happening with them .We decided to try something stripped down and danceable without any vocals , the bass line came from Leo, i did some beats and Don Letts gave me some samples on a couple of precious dat tapes full of dub breaks. Some will recognise a couple of elements that went on to be part of Zion Youth. This track then became part of new stuff I was working on at home so somehow merged into the next project that was forming after spending time with Tim Bran ..

Some background.. After BAD Screaming Target had given us a transition where we were supported by Island Records. After the first album failed to take off we were set free and that meant hard times. I had just become a father in 1989 and now found myself in 1991 in a position where I had to sign on. Plenty of time was spent at home writing new stuff wondering where the next move would take us..

2016 so far-new album

Finally a new update on all things 2016 .. apart from some great shows this year has been mainly about getting a new album together, scheduled for release early next year. We have only just mastered it so it would not be possible to release anything this side of Christmas. We were really aiming for a release this year but events conspired to bring delay, it just gave us a bit more time to get it right. I think it will be worth the wait ..

The new record will be called ‘Dread Times’, a 12 track album that represents a step forward for Dreadzone. Produced by myself it features new blood this time with newest member Bazil who brings an edge to the sonic process and deeper involvement from my son Marlon expanding our musical pallete further on keyboards and more. Alongside Leo, Chris with Earl 16 and Spee on vocals it has Don Letts returning with some lyrical contributions, plus Lena Cullen again on one track and 90s ragga duo Louchie Lou and Michie One guesting on another . Recorded mainly at Mick Jones Bunker Studio again, where he was a constant presence, it was then shaped at Dread Central, with further work at Bazils ,then mixed down as usual by fellow founder member Tim Bran , all in all classic dread with an updated edge. Mastered by our usual man Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering with our favourite artist Glass Siren once again supplying some great artwork.

Without giving too much away the old skool dread sound comes to the surface more and digs much deeper into our dub and reggae roots. We are already trying out one of them on this current tour and will add more as we go on. Further info is here on our new website which just went up http://www.dreadzone.com . Live shows this year have been up to the usual standard as festivals like Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Belladrum Watchet and VW festival made the summer months special.

After the summer myself and Leo took time out with Don Letts to do a one off collaboration in September with Akala at the Afro Punk festival at Alexandra Palace –  called Word Sound and Power and billed as BAD/Dreadzone riddim Section with Don Letts and Akala –  it was a dub punk hip hop mashup that took us out of Dread comfort Zone and into some new areas. Great experience. Right now we are concentrating on the current UK tour which goes through to December, warming up for another busy year next year which will bring more Dread Times upon us

Peace and Dub Greg x


One year later..

I thought I had better write a new blog seeing as I’ve not done one for a while.I cant believe its been a whole year since the last one..how did it go so fast. It’s been a fine year but one tinged with sadness as I said goodbye to my mother Amelia in July. Time does feel like its slipping by, here we are at the end of another year and it only just seems like yesterday we were in a field somewhere blissfully playing our music in the sunshine. The autumn tour seems to hurry the passage of time on with some special weekends spent with lovely people. Some good things have happened this year; Fire in the dark was released as a single with remixes , in August we re-released a remastered version of our fourth album Sound to great acceptance and put some numbers from that into the live set like Crazy Knowledge and Different planets . Another new addition to the live set was a cover of a Clash tune Junco Partner. This was a number we contributed to the Specialized Combat Cancer project album in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust and it felt like it should get a live airing if only for this tour.
We have been working away writing some new material which will be shaped into the next album in the new year and expected to drop later in 2016. I don’t want to give too much away but the dubwise force is strong with this one, going back to the roots with contributions from some familiar and some unexpected sources. Even at this early stage I have a good feeling about it , we certainly have a great team involved this time to make it one of our best. The autumn/winter tour has been huge fun not least because we stepped outside of our own shows to do things like the Megadog reunion in Manchester and then 5 dates with the Levellers and Ruts DC in some choice big venues up and down the country. 40 min support slots honed our sound even more and resulted in really fantastic responses from some large crowds. Thanks to everyone who came and bounced with us this year.
So 2105 flew by with some emotional moments, some of the highs has been the love and support of a beautiful woman who lights up my life..xx No New Years Eve soundsystem show this time ,but with plenty of Dreadzone live shows booked in already http://www.dreadzone.com/live-dates/ we are looking forward to hitting the ground running for 2016 and the next phase of Dread. hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year. onwards and upwards x Greg

This is for my mother Amelia Roberts 1922 -2015 RIP . This was played at her service.

Another year ..

Another day of travel from hotel room to venue with the sun shining and the glow from last nights show merging with some green and pleasant music on the head phones. There is no finer feeling to get the day moving.. Another year has come around and although at times it may feel like repetition the ever changing energy of crowds and our performance keep it fresh, never like a job, more of a mission to spread the dread rhythms throughout the land on a never ending road.
This year has seen a steady flow of fine shows, no releases but lots of writing, mixing and best of all some love inspiration.. meaning moments like Glastonbury can be shared with someone special. A lot of great festivals kept the summer feeling high and now this fantastic autumn/winter tour connecting with all the dread massive, playing to so many different people of all ages and tribes, joining the dots from field to floor with new friendships being made overnight.
This tour saw the return of Loki, our original dread crew and family member who took a break for a while, and the arrival of a new man on the merch Tom fitting in perfectly. The team feels complete now and ready for the next round. As we move into the final week we are reminded of previous years, stages in our ever changing story that remain as exciting as ever , endless escapades leading to a vibrant life of music and friends, resonating and supplying the energy to keep making the soundtrack to our adventures.
We have some great things lined up for the start of next year- a second single release from Escapades ‘Fire in the dark’- there is already a mighty Teddy Killerz mix which is blowing up on UKF with 100k hits in 2 weeks..

More info on other mixes to come in the new year with a release date scheduled for the end of January.
Following that is a re-issue release of our 2001 album Sound especially remastered with bonus tracks which will be available on vinyl cd and digital. We have been dropping some tunes from this album in the set and plan to put some more in as we refresh the live show once again which starts again at the end of Feb.
The Dreadzone Soundsystem shows take over as usual in the first part of the year with shows in Prague, London and the South West, some with Earl 16 joining us. We have a new page for the Dreadzone Soundsystem with details of all the shows which start with a pre christmas party on the 23rd December in Malvern and then a double header on New years eve in Plymouth and Bristol which will needs some dread driving skills as well DJing..info here
So another year comes to a close with many happy memories..big ups to all the usual suspects -Spee, Leo, Earl, Bazil, Chris, Loki, Simon, Thom, Jack and Rob , special thanks to Sarah xx … and myself . I would like to extend love and best wishes to everyone this christmas and a happy New Year.
see you in 2015 x